the rose quartz roller


AVENTURINE QUARTZ: Each roller will be unique. This is what makes them so beautiful. Rose Quartz has so many wonderful benefits that can be traced back to Ancient China (Read the blog post here). You’ll want to get in on this!

EASY & RELAXING TO USE WITH A BRIEF HOW-TO INSERT: We recommend rolling for 5-10 minutes but it’s meant for YOU and your lifestyle. If you just need it for a quick pick-me-up or a full on facial this little tool has got you covered. Our new and improved roller is stronger than ever, noiseless, smooth and will last you endless at-home facials!
Refer to our brief insert when getting started.

PERFECT AS A GIFT: These tools are so beautiful on your countertop and so instaworthy! They can also be the perfect gift for your friends or family members.

EACH UNIT CAREFULLY INSPECTED: Our rollers are superior in quality to the rest and we want you to be happy with them. So we hand-wrap them personally for you all the while ensuring the quality is perfect for their arrival to your home!

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Whether you have dry skin and you want to use after a mask or oily skin and need the refreshing coolness of the jade stone, this is the perfect addition to your routine. Combine it with your favourite skincare oils and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa treatment. Good for relieving cystic acne bumps and redness.

$30 cad

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the classic (a.k.a the OG)

why roll?
Closes + minimizes enlarged pores
Tightens, reduces puffiness by boosting elastin
Tones facial muscles for improved elasticity
Promotes anti-aging
Promotes lymphatic drainage
Clears toxins from the skin
Balance Chi, a life force energy to improve flow between meridian points

$30 cad